Enthusiasm :(

I have had trouble keeping my enthusiasm going recently, however I do have some updates. I made up an aluminium block that will allows me to mount the fan strap in the send place on the dizzy side. It utilises the bolt that goes through the front of the breather tower (well i will need a longer bolt), and then has a stud in the top of it for fixing the strap. I am now able to bolt the fan on straight and true. :) I have also finished the fan rear support bar too.

Something that I forgot to mention was that a while ago I decided to machine down the fan ring myself. Well 'machine' is too strong a word, I just got the grinder out with a soft pad on it! I took the ridge out that runs all the way around it, allowing me to use the wide strap I have. I also flatted off the area at the base of the ring so it sits snugly on the breather tower cover plate.