Straight-cut timing gears

I have sourced some straight cut timing gears! They were a good price otherwise I wouldn't bother, as I know they won't get me much but a wicked whine! However it causes more bolt to oil pump clearance problems. I have had to machine the pump down even more, and also the bolt faces (I took a couple of mm off them all). They now clear the oil pump again. I have peened the rear off the oil pump to stop the pressed in shaft coming out and wiping out my engine (hope it works!).

I have decided not to use my windage tray, but will use a deep sump instead. I have heard reports of the windage tray causing problems with the oil backing up on top of the tray and not returning to the sump quickly enough. To fix this you have to cut the tray up a little. I managed to pick up a deep sump at the Volksworld show back at the end of march. That will allow me to run with a lower oil level (but still more oil than stock), which should discourage the oil to slop into the pistons and up into the heads. Eventually I would like to run a dry sump system.