I have now swapped the fan and carbs over. The new fan unit I have is much nicer. It has an internal regulator, so I had to bypass my existing regulator. I did this by connecting the G light pin on the alternator to a wire on that goes to the regulator, but then straight onto the G light. The alternator also needed a dedicated earth.

I have now done nearly 100 miles on it now. The DLRAs are much nicer than the webers. The power is smooth, although until recently there was lots of popping through the exhaust and the carbs on idle, but I richened up the idle circuit and its much better now. I still have a little bit of popping through the carbs, but only on number one. Pulling the spark plug showed that this cylinder was leaner than the others (not dangerously so). I am guessing there is a blockage in the idle circuit for that barrel.

I did a compression test. All cylinders were 100psi and all within 1 or 2 psi of each other, which is great. I would be happier if they were all 150psi, but then its a low compression engine, with second hand rings.

So whats it like to drive? Well up till now It hasn't been driven on more that 3/4 throttle and not over 5k. However even with those restrictions its a joy to drive. Considering its got quite a racey cam in it, its very drivable at low revs, having loads of torque. It just pulls hard right up to 5k and I expect it will go much higher if I let it. The need for self control is immense!

Last night I made up some rear tinwear. I borrowed a nibbler from a friend, and cut it out from 1.5mm stainless. Its not as neat as it could be, but will do the job.