Oil cooler

The other night I fitted an oil cooler to the engine. This I did to control the oil temperature a little better on the motorway, and on the track. I found that sustained high RPM caused the oil to heat up beyond 100°c. I would really rather keep the oil temperature below 100°c, so an oil cooler was the solution.

This consisted of a 16 row square shaped cooler which I mounted vertically to the left of the gearbox. Stainless steel braded oil hose carries the oil from a take-off plate which fits between the oil filter, and boss. This take-off plate contains a thermostat that allows oil to flow through the cooler when its above 80°c. All this kit was purchased from Think Automotive. It is top quality kit, and hopefully where I have installed it should get a good airflow at speed, and keep the oil temp under control.