Disc re-drilling

Well, my attempts at re-drilling my old disks for a Porsche stud pattern was only partially successful. I used a ready made jig to position the holes which went well, however my attempts at tapping the holes to take conversion studs was less successful. I didn't get them straight enough, so when I screwed the studs in they where not quite true, and I couldn't get the spacers on!

So now I need to drill out the holes for some push through studs but this means milling the backs of the disks where the holes are, so more hold-ups!

However I did manage to pick up a rear disk brake kit last night which looks good. It's this CB Performance kit, and it uses Porsche 914 discs and Mk4 Golf callipers. I am looking forward to bolting that on. The kit was missing the handbrake cables, so I will need to sort that. I would also need to add a residual pressure valve in the rear brake line.