Separating body and pan

I have now done the following to disconnect the body from the floorpan:

  • Taken out all the bolts down either sill
  • Undone the two at the front on the chassis on the inside.
  • Undone the four behind the battery compartment on the inside
  • The bolts near the rear shocks
  • The four large bolts at the front behind the frame head
  • Undone the centre steering tie-rod at either end This was easier than taking the arm off the steering box
  • Cut the brake fluid pipes feeding the master cylinder
  • Made sure the front flexy brake pipes were disconnected from the body
  • Pulled the speedo cable out of the hub

I then put a jack under the rear valance, and jacked the rear of the body up. The rear jacking points had been tacked to the under sill closing panels, so I sliced them free. However there is something sticking at the front to sort out.