I have finally made it to the point that its now paintable. All welding has been done, and all holes cut. It got to the point that I just wanted it gone, so some areas I haven't cleaned up as much as I would like, but the body shop can do that.

The front spoiler is completed. I cut the hole for the oil cooler, and drilled all the rivet holes. Covering the hole will be an aliminium surround with a mesh screen. I joggled the hole to hold the mesh in place. I cut the fuel filler cap hole using a holesaw of exactly the right size.

Looking for a body shop was an interesting experience! I had a couple of places give me massive quotes for doing the work. One quoted around £7000 for the work, but that sounded like a 'I don't want to do it' quote. One place quoted me around £3000 for it, but once the paperwork came through it was £3000 + VAT! At least they came round; One body shop near me said they would come round on a Monday night. I waited around for them, but no-one turned up. Next day I called them, and the guy said 'oh sh*t, sorry, will be around tonight'. Waited around again, nothing. Now, I don't know about you, but that really p*sses me of. Thats two hours of my life I will never get back! Called them the next day:

Me: Hello, you were supposed to come out and give me a quote again
last night?
Them: Oh, he must have forgotten again. Are you there now?
Me: No, I am at work, and to be honest, I don't really want a quote now, I would just like to know why you stood me up twice?
Them: You won't get far with that attitude!
Me: Huh? What attitude, you stood me up!
Them: Well your attitude sucks..
Me: You can't understand why I am a little p*ssed off?
Them: No, and I expect your car is a bit of a pig anyway!
And with that, he put the phone down! Well thanks, but no thanks. Quite how he expects to run a business like that I don't know. Anyway I had a look around their workshop and its a pretty small dirty place, so I don't expect the work would have been any good.

Eventualy I found another body shop who were quite happy to do it for a much more reasonable fee, so got the business. I borrowed a flatbed trailer from a friend, loaded it up and took it down.

There is quite a pile of things to paint as well as the body: four wings, 2 doors, a bonnet, decklid, airdam, spoiler, engine fan shroud, rear valence and a bucket of smaller things such as headlight rings and door handles. In order to paint the chromed items such as headlight rings you really need to remove the chrome as the paint will eventually come off it. To do this I mounted a zirconium flap disk on the grinder then mounted the grinder in the vice, using a bolt in the handle hole. This then allowed me to hold the part in two hands, and carefully take all the chrome off.

Now all I can do it wait for the painting to be done, I can't wait!