Oil pump

At the weekend I sorted out an oil pump for my engine. Type 1 and type 4 pumps are constructed differently. The type 4 is a better design which doesn't need a cover plate. The gears are inserted into the pump from inside making it much less prone to leaking. However new type 4 pumps are very difficult to get hold of, so the solution is to use a type 1 pump, which luckily for us expects the same stud pattern and cam position. The downside is the type 1 pump needs to protrude much further into the case (the oil gears in a type 4 pump are half outside the engine case), and so needs some clearancing.


After talking to some friends I might send my fan ring off to be machined down to sit better on the case, and also allow for the fitting of a wider strap. Any decision I have to make is whether to send my heads off to have new valve seats fitted. If I do then do I get anything extra done, what about new valves? Porting and polishing? Oh decisions, decisions!

Fan Strap

I have started to think about the strap to hold the fan ring down. I have some stainless steel bits of metal given to me by a friend that look to be ideal for holding the fan ring on. They are exactly the right width. I will probably use 2 lengths of box section steel and a nut and bolt to make a clamp at the top.