Bottom end together

After a long period of little progress I have taken a large step forward. With a help from a good friend Dr Dub (, I now have the bottom end together. There were no problems with it, especially when it came to torqueing the case up. The crank turns smoothly with no tight spots. We used a product called Graphogen on the bearing surfaces, which should really help in those critical first couple of seconds.

I still don't have my heads back from Microgiant, they have had to go abroad to get the inlet valves as they couldn't get them in that size in the UK. I sent them a set of 1700cc rocker assemblies which have allowed him to fit Ford Courier swivel foot adjusters which, according to Microgiant are better lubricated than the Porsche 911 type. Looking forward to getting them back, as its holding me up now. When they are back I will cc them and work out my compression ratio.