Good head

I received the heads a few weeks ago from Microgiant. The work looks good, although one of the rocker shaft retainers was broken! Although the rocker geometry is not spot on I have decided to use the standard length pushrods, I believe the lengths are within acceptable limits.

I have fitted my electric fuel pump to the bug, which was a bit fiddley, as space is very tight down there.

I have now got the pistons and barrels on, and the heads on. I have also put in the followers and pushrods on one side. Now left to do is finish off the carb linkage, which is causing a bit of a headache, and install the cooling system. I have decided not to use the deep sump for now, there is no point when I am running the engine in, and will just get in the way when I am putting the engine in the car. I also have a problem with my exhaust. The BAS header doesn't get anywhere near the shortened J-tubes without fowling the pulley. It could be that the j-tubes were intended for another style of header. Either way I am going to have to think again about the exhaust.. :(