Carb problems

Well although the engine is running, I have had some problems with my Carbs. We had real trouble getting them to behave themselves. Even with the air bypass screws closed, and the throttles backed right off, it would tick over way too fast. I believe the jets are all ok for this engine, so I don't really know. I think they have just had a hard life, and been messed around with too much. They will be useful for someone, but just not for me.

Anyway to test this, I borrowed a pair of 36 Dellortos from a friend, bolted them on and the engine runs so much better. I didn't have to fiddle with them at all. So the Webers will get put on the shelf, and I will source a good pair of Dellortos.

Engine support

I have another theory on the oil priming issue (as suggested by Jeff). Because the oil filter was filled with oil, for the pump to prime it would have had to push air through the (oil filled) filter, which would have been quite difficult. So if I were to do it again, I would have removed the filter before cranking to prime the pump, then replace the filter and continue.

Here are some pictures of the engine support bar that was made up (thanks again DrDub), and then powder coated (thanks Jeff). As you can see it goes up above the j-tubes and is solid mounted on the bumper mounts (i don't plan to run bumpers, if you did you could weld the bar supports onto the bumper irons). The bar mounts to the engine with the stock rubber mounts.

She lives!

Well the engine has now been run! I had some friends to help me out (thanks DrDub and Jeff!). We had a bit of trouble building oil pressure before we started it. First of all the engine was filled with oil (Quantum 15W/40), and the oil filter was filled. The spark plugs were removed and the engine cranked over, but no pressure showed on my gauge, and the idiot light didn't go out. So, I took the oil pressure sender off, and cranked over again. No oil appeared. Next the oil pressure relief valve was removed and checked, it was found to be OK. Next the pump cover was removed. There was a bit of oil in there, but I pumped some more on and around the gears before replacing the cover. Next the filter was removed. This time oil came out of the filter mount. So the filter was screwed back on, and oil was now appearing at the pressure sender. The sender was screwed back on and hay-presto; fuel pressure! So I don't really know why we had this problem, it could of been a pump priming problem, but the pump had graphogen on the gears so it should have. Next time I would probably try and rig up some kind of vacuum priming system, as the engine had to be cranked over without oil pressure much more than I would have liked.