Bit of eye candy for you! Purchased last year, this neat shifter comes from CAE-Automobiltechnik. Can't wait to bolt this in.


In order to complete my front brakes, I need to get some rotors that would fit my calipers. As I don't know what they are from (and there are no part numbers on them), I headed down to PorscheTech in Bedminster, Bristol. The guys down there were very helpful and identified the calipers as belonging to a 944S2 or 968. With this information I could determine their part numbers, and what rotors they need. The caliper part numbers are 951 351 421 03 and 951 351 421 03, and the rotors are 951 351 041 02. These rotors are 298x28 in size, which sounds right for the calipers.

All I need to get now are the hubs.


After getting the chassis back from the blasters I spent a manic few days working on the chassis. One of the main things I wanted to do was put a large chamber behind the drivers seat suitable for housing an exhaust silencer. As I had to cut the battery tray out anyway as it was rusty, I thought this would be quite neat. Although there will be an anti-roll bar in the way, if I can get round this, it would allow me to bring the whole exhaust system forward of the engine. If not I am sure I can use it for something else, like an oil cooler or something.


The fact that I only needed to replace the battery tray, and a small area at the rear of the floorpan on the other side, just goes to show what amazing condition this chassis is. Nothing suggests that these floorpans are not the original ones, and for a 1303, this is just incredible. Pity the body is not in such good condition!

So next was the paint. For this task I used POR15, which I had heard great things about. I made sure I covered up well, because once its on your skin it just doesn't come off, it really just stains the skin. It was a very thick paint and went on very well. Time will tell though as to how good it really is. I am not sure if I would use it again. It took me much longer that I expected to do the welding, and in that time it started to rust a little (not that that should bother POR15). If I were to do it again I would probably have just covered it in zinc primer, done the welding, then painted it with black 2-pack.

Now its all black and shiny I can start plumbing in brake and fuel lines. I am putting in two new fuel lines, one main and one return line, for future fuel injection. I will just use one for now. The following picture just show one, but the other is now next to it. Both brake and fuel lines are kunifer which is a copper nickel alloy. This is much stronger than pure copper, and doesn't harden with vibration.