Body Shell Shenanigans

I have sourced another bodyshell to replace my white one (thanks guys)!

I made this decision because my white shell had been rolled in the past (not by me!), and had some accident damage to the right roof seam, and right rear quarter. This red shell needs the same work as the white shell, without the roof and rear quarter damage. The work its going to need is as follows:
  • Heater channels
  • Front lower bulkhead
  • Rear inner arches
  • Rear valence
  • Some minor repairs to front strut towers


As you can see above I have cut out the right heater channel. It was very easy, because there wasn't much of it left! Unfortunatly my grinder gave up the ghost on me, so I am currently waiting for a replacement. I also got myself an airpowered hacksaw, cause I am lazy.. :)

I think my calipers foxed the guys at PorscheTech because they turned out to be rear calipers. Thanks to Mikey at, who correctly identified them as rear calipers from a 95-98 Porsche 993 (911). I got the relevent rotors for this caliper, and they fit perfectly, and also come cross-drilled as standard (yum). I will use these as a template for drilling my rear disks too.

I also cleaned up my gearbox, as it was pretty grubby. I couldn't move it around the garage without putting a bio-hazard suit on! So I removed all the corrosion, dirt and oil using a variety of wire wheels in my drill and grinder. I then sprayed it with Por Metal Ready to neutralise any remaining corrosion. It was then given a coat of zinc primer, followed by normal primer, then finished with a topcoat of matt black paint. Looks nice eh? This is a twin sideplate AT box, which replaced my 1300 box quite a few years ago. I need to replace the drive flange seals really, as it leaks a little.