I have been very busy welding up the body shell. I have replaced a lot of old, thin and rusty metal with good metal, and its been quite a journey. With the help of my friend Jason, we replaced both heater channels. Having someone experienced help you with these things makes a massive difference, and he was able to get both channels in pretty quickly and accuratly. The door gaps are spot on and we had no major problems. Then it was just a case of finishing everything else off. I am not there yet, with plenty more welding required, but I have probobly done around 80% of the welding.

I have my welder set up now, so it welds well every time, even with C02 gas. I have found one of the things that influences how well a panel goes in is the ammount of preparation that you put into the panel first. If it fits well, and is clean, it will go in nicely. I have tried to use weld-through zinc primer where ever possible so hold off the rust as long as possible.

Anyway, pictures tell a thousand words, so here they are..

Once I have done all the welding I can with the car in its current position, I will need to lift it up of its chassis, and be placed on some stands. This will allow me to get under it and finish of the underside.