Recent progress

What better time than Christmas day to spend updating the website! :) Work has been slow again recently, but some major work has been undertaken. The existing front scuttle panel (under the windscreen) was covered in filler, and when that was taken off, several rather crusty areas were exposed. I decided it was going to be easiest to replace the whole panel. I cut in along each side and unpicked the spot welds along the window frame. I then did the same on my other bodyshell, which was in much better condition in this area. Then it welded in it. It worked really well, and there were no tricky areas.

The next big job was the removable rear valance. Again my other bodyshell was in better condition in this area, so that's what I used. I want the whole back to be removable, from the firewall backwards. This will allow for maximum engine access.

The valance will be attached at the top with two bolts, then the side panels will bolt together, and more bolts at the bottom. More detail in that to follow. You can see on one of the images the repair I had to make under the vent above the wheel arch. This will be covered with filler.

Oh, and Merry Christmas!