We're getting there, slowly.. :)

I have decided to hand the bodyshell over to a bodyshop to finish it all off. I no longer have the time, nor the inclination to finish it myself. The weather has been excellent recently, and I am now desperate to get it done so I can get out in it. I have been doing some fiddly little bits, like drilling holes in the doors for the mirrors, cutting the front valence for the oil cooler, patched a few little holes, add on some tabs to hold front speaker kick panels, etc.

I have started to mock up a front airdam. Its essentially a big piece of steel wrapped around the front. I created a cardboard template, transferred that to the steel, then cut the steel out. The airdam will bolt onto the front valence and wings, and will have a metal structure behind to hold it out. It will be painted body colour. I am not sure how well it will work out, but I can but try. A better solution would have been completely re-shaped body panels, but that's beyond me really.