Horray - new content!

So my last update was back in may 2008. Oh dear.

Quite a lot has happened since then. Basically the car is finished to the point where I got it MOTed, and am now driving it around! Here are some recent pictures. Note that its still missing the front airdam, and running boards.

The next job after finishing the front brakes was to fit them, then plumb together the brake lines, and fill it with brake fluid. Unfortunatly this didn't go totally to plan, as when I filled it with fluid, it leaked out of most my connections. I worked out that the brake pipe nuts i had used were incorrect. I had used 10mmx1mm nuts, but the threads covered the entire length of the nut. What was happening was when these where screwed in, they were running out of thread before they had suficiently squashed the flair on the end of the pipe. I basically had to replace all the fittings with new ones, that weren't threaded to the end. Once filled and leak tested, I could test the pedal travel. I am using the stock master cylinder, and with the much large piston area of the brakes there was the possibility that the pedal would not be able to pump enough fluid and would run out of travel. However its fine; travel is a little more than stock, but not a great deal more. Some road use has shown it to brake very well, although the rears are getting very hot. That either means that they are binding, or doing more work than they should be doing.

I hope to post some more posts in the future on how i got to this point, but just needed to get these pics up so you can see that the project is still alive!