For Sale! - This car is now for sale - The Devil is in the detail

Here I will detail further the features and modifications of this car.

Font quarter view

Side view showing how the car sits

Rear engine brace.  This is currently not fitted because the current exhaust blocks the mounts.

Mocal cooler that was fitted above the gearbox, but is currently not fitted.

Oil cooler designed to sit behind the vent in the front airdam

Oil cooler take-off plate.

All this kit comes with the car. Oil pipes shown are stainless braided.

Front left, showing the worst of the scuffing to rim, and brake detail.

Strut top showing buffer. This is in a jacked up position.

Top down view of the box section where the battery once was. This would house a silencer. The only replaced section of floorpan can also be seen.  The chassis is in remarkable condition.

Sparco 4 point racing harnes and Cobra Aqua seats are very comfortable a supportive, but also very light.

Detail of wiring enabling the re-routing of battery cables. Voltage regulator is now internal to Porsche alternator.

Gearstick in situe

Font storage. As its a strut beetle the wheel lies flat, with the batter clamped to its center.  This is an old four-stud rim. You can also see the strut brace, and fuel filler pipe.

Fuel filler pipe detail.

Central locking solenoids and wiring. Car needs door cars to complete, though I have some old ones.

Central locking solenoids attach  thus to locking mechanisms

Flush fuel filler. Lock is beneath tab.
Porsche steering wheel, goes straight on and is a great compact size. Outer rim is comfortable foam, but would have originally been covered in leather.

Hole for radio, or more dials (I have an aliminium plate to cover)

Oil temp, and pressure, and space for boost guage

Rear anti-roll bar

Rear of engine showing oil pumb, hanger mounts, and oil filter.

Showing exhaust tyre clearance, which is never less than 10mm, its a bit close, but the tyre never gets warm.

Engine showing exhaust and pushrods

Exhaust showing filter and cooler.

Interesting picture showing Kafer Cup Bars and where there rear section bolts on at the bottom.

Rear brake detail. showing handbrake mech and drive shaft.

Drive shaft and engine frame Kafer Cup brace mount

Clearance for Kafer Cup brace

Rear number plate is stood off from deck-lid showing vents beneith

Full engine in all its glory. Oil pressure gauge and coil mounted to shroud. Oil filler to right. Chrome breather box at rear.

Throttle mech detail.

Engine mount detail

This the main mounting for the rear valence, as you can see only one bolt will go in as exhaust interferes with valence position

Rear shot showing smoked rear lights